Keep focusing on technology research and development since company establishment, including R&D and application of acoustics, vibration, dynamics and electronics test and control, in order to provide better product and service for customers in different fields.
Product Iteration Cycle
There are 3 typical iteration cycles of consumer products. The capacity requirements of upstream equipment manufacturers vary greatly from stage to stage.
  • ? Concept verification: Require company to have the strong technical research ability to explore the new technology development and the application.

  • ? Engineering validation: Require company to have the strong design and development ability to take into account the measurement and control demand as well as the balanced cost control.

  • ? Mass production: Require company to have strong manufacturing capacity to provide large quantities of qualified equipment in a short time.

Company Capacity Output
Equipment manufacturing company need to have strong comprehensive ability to satisfy equipment requirement from customers.
  • ? R&D capability: System modeling, simulation, experimental design and analysis and algorithm design for measurement and control problems.

  • ? Design capability: Optimized product from system design, mechanical design, electronic design and software design to balance equipment performance and pricing proposal.

  • ? Manufacturing capability: Equipped with project management, supply chain management, production, quality management and on-site service capability.