More than 40% R&D staff form A pyramid of R&D architecture with a base of the R&D core technologies of acoustics, dynamics, vibration and electronic measurement and control, designing and developing a platform-based and standardized mechanical modules, electronic modules and software systems. Combining the detailed measurement and control engineering requirements of terminal customers, we come up with a complete set of solutions to meet the needs of measurement and control equipment in large-scale manufacturing process and enable the quality assurance of intelligent manufacturing process.
Technology R&DFocus on research and accumulation of engineering measurement and control technology, and solve key engineering challenges.
Acoustic test and control
Dynamic test and control
Vibration test and control
Electronics test and control
Laboratory intelligentialize
Product DesignA variety of mechanical and electrical modules and software platform combined with advanced measurement and control technologies.
Acoustic shielding and loading
Vibration shielding and loading
Dynamic shielding and loading
Analog and digital test and control modules
Universal vibration-noise- strain test platform
Factory sound quality test platform
Factory PCBA function test platform
System Integration Apply test and control technology to address the requirement of customer product test and automated assembly, to ensure the quality and reliability of customer products.
Electronic test equipment
Acoustic test equipment
Dynamic test equipment
Vibration test equipment
Intelligent laboratory